VoiceThread for Student Engagement

What is VoiceThread?

VoiceThread is a we-based application that enables users to create and share a presentation with video/audio/text comments. The unique thing about VoiceThread is that other users can then view and provide additional comments on a given slide. VoiceThread takes traditional voice-over PowerPoints to the next level by creating active engagement with students.

How can I use it in my online class?

  • Alternative to PowerPoint presentations for recordings weekly lessons. Students are able to comment directly on the lesson when they have questions about the content, allowing the Instructor to pinpoint comprehension problems before they negatively impact learning.
  • Asynchronous group presentations allow students to creatively deliver a group project. Students are no longer hindered by time, distance, or text-only delivery when presenting their group projects.
  • A new type of dicussion board, VoiceThread enables an Instructor to prompt discussion around a slide that engages students in a more authentic type of discussion.

Developing Literacies through Digital Stories

Overview All students must obtain basic literacies in fundamental areas to succeed in college. Students have often found this task tedious, resulting in lack of engagement and motivation. This session takes a look at redefining the way students meet basic literacies through digital stories. This approach increases student engagement while leveraging social negotiation and self-reflection…